To Conceive the Improbable

Is to Achieve the Impossible

Welcome my little corner of the universe. You may call me Kes, short for Kesomon, a screenname I have been associated with online for years. Kesomon (Kee-soh-mohn) is a word I conceptualized when I was in grade school, the name of an alien race of feline creatures, of which my imaginary friend and muse Keso is a member. Seen in my logo and above, Keso has gone through many changes since I first dreamt him up, and in turn has helped me to expand my creative processes. That's the beauty of a concept. It can change and grow, and inspire itself in others.



Current Progress Goal

updated 2/17/2017

Homepage: complete remaining images for Main Area jumps.

Fic Library: migrate one fanfic to the library per week, at least.

Bios: create order of operations for the designing of a bio page, and complete one step for one page a week, at least.

Worldbuilding: work for one hour on one page in this area a week, at least.

Ultimate goal for February: complete homepage.